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Tre Hargett Secretary of State | July 26th

We need to have political people speak more often; it brings out all kinds of visitors!  Tre Hargett was elected by the Tennessee General Assembly to serve as Tennessee’s 37th secretary of state in 2009 and re-elected in 2013 and 2017.  He served in the Tennessee House of Representatives for a decade representing District 97 (Bartlett and Memphis) and was twice elected Republican Leader by his colleagues.  The Department of State takes pride in setting a high standard for customer service. This is achieved by focusing on being accountable to one another, providing value to the taxpayers, and emphasizing accuracy in the discharge of our duties. He attended the University of Memphis, but nobody is perfect, he is married with 2 sons. He stated Tennessee has the highest credit rating and we have a balanced budget along with being the least indebted state.  Becky Massey was responsible for bringing him to speak and he was well received.  Maybe with her brother announcing his intention to retire we can get him to speak a little more often.

Our guest and I hope I don’t leave anyone out: Representatives Rick Staples and Bill Dunn, Kyle Hickson, Cliff Rogers, Chris Davis, Heather Anderson, Lisa Hood Skinner, Nick McBride, and Sherry Witt.

Record keeping: Caroline Grimm read the prayer and John Cogdill led the pledge; we had so many visitors we finally got to draw for the pot and Janet Bigelow won.

Marianne passed out a speakers list, however, there isn’t one listed for tomorrow. I held out hope I would get an email with this info but alas that didn’t happen. Come on anyway and be surprised. Jacob Tippens has August 9th and has Kelsie Critenton and on August 16th Marianne is bringing Sandra Clark. I understand she has started a new paper so that should be informative.  The 23rd is open if you have a suggestion and Marianne has scheduled Justin Biggs for August 30th.